Sunday, 26 August 2012

MoneyControl It: MoneyControl Extension for Google Chrome

Sifting through information on is a common exercise for investors. Many a times during their research investors have to browse to and then type the scrip name into the search box and wait for the loader to load the results. Using "MoneyConrol It", investors can quickly access a Scrip's moneycontrol page by a simple right-click on the selected text. Suppose you are reading a news article about ONGC and you want to check its stock price on Moneycontrol - Just select the text 'ONGC', right-click and click on "MoneyControl It". Below is a screenshot of how the context menu will look like on right click.

Just add this extension to Chrome and continue researching!!! To install this extension to Chrome, visit the following link and click on Add to Chrome:

Happy Investing!!

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